Dr. Nehal Elkoshairy

Hello, I'm Dr. Nehal!

I am a Canadian Certified Nutritionist with a Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition from IHN, Toronto, Canada.  I have a Master's Degree of Science from Ain Shams University, a Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Diploma, accredited by INLPTA, USA. I am also certified in Health Coaching, Behavior Change, Emotional Eating.

Here in Nourished by Nehal we offer a variety of nutrition and training services, including weight loss programs, health coaching, private nutrition coaching for thyroid cases, IBS, auto-immunity, plus online group coaching, corporate wellness training, workshops, webinars and wellness retreats. 



The journey to health and wellness is like a long term marathon, it takes patience and perseverance.


Our Passion

This is how we do it! Our passion is to help busy people learn how to eat healthier, improve relationship with food, lose weight, get physically active and love yourself along the way.



This is how clients feel when working with me or signing up to my programs- It is so much more than just a diet plan or a self care list ;)


Weight loss is a balance between self discipline and self compassion



This is how you are expected to feel when working with me!


Let's Connect

Dr. Nehal worked with +1000 of clients worldwide, and offers group coaching, corporate wellness workshops, online courses, public talks, health and nutrition awareness video content and TV features.
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