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I love myself enough to put myself as a priority , without feeling guilty, without hurting others and with compassion towards myself. I deserve all the love I give others. I am worthy, I am loved, I am enough, I love me.

Dr. Nehal Elkoshairy

  • This course takes you on a journey of self discovery and awe where you look at self love from a totally new perspective. 
  • We talk about self love, self talk, limiting beliefs, how to look at self love and prioritize self care. 
  • The delicate balance between self acceptance, self development and self discipline.
  • Then we take a deep dive into feminine energy and masculine energy.
  • How to be more in your feminine energy, when to use masculine energy and more.
  • What happens when your energy is unbalanced.
  • How to find different ways to become more feminine in a balanced way in your relationship with yourself, your work, your community and your romantics relationships.
  • Finally how to always connect with your self .

    With over 20 videos, journaling prompts, notes, positive affirmations and tips and tricks, this course sets you up to change your relationship with yourself and find your happiness within yourself.

كورس لا يقدر بمال .


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