Our Services Include

Corporate Wellness Programs

Get ready to improve your employees' productivity, well-being and mental health

Interactive Health and Wellness workshops hosted in companies, schools and universities either online or on-site. Plus 30 Days Weight loss Challenges, team building retreats and healthy lifestyle programs.

Tailored topics according to the company's needs and includes:

  • Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • Healthy Eating Habits for Busy Professionals
  • Work, stress and Coffee
  • Stress Management and mental health

Weight Loss Challenges

Welnes brings you top notch nutritionists and trainers with fully customized meal and workout plans to help you reach your goals. Dr. Nehal joined Welnes in September 2021 and offers

  • Group challenges
  • One on One programs
  • Corporate Training

Health Coaching

Dr. Nehal has been presenting weekly health coaching sessions on Wellfitgo.me platform since 2020.

She also offered numerous webinars to schools, universities, banks and non-profit organizations like Helm. 

Public Speaking

Dr. Nehal has been a featured guest speaker in numerous events workshops and events.

Here are a few events:

  • Cushman & Wakefield, Canada
  • HELM: Non-profit organization
  • Alex Bank Corporate Workshop
  • The Child Expo (2019 & 2020)
  • Rotary Club Al-Obour
  • Modern Education Schools (MES)
  • Roots International School (RIS)
  • Badr University in Cairo (BUC)
  • Sadat Academy for Management Sciences
  • Coca-Cola Staff Training

Video Content Creation

Dr. Nehal has been a featured guest speaker in numerous TV and YouTube channels including Sada El Balad, El Qahera TV channel, and ElWasfa Health YouTube channel.

She has created tons of video content on social media on topics of nutrition, wellness, supplementation, journaling and stress management.

Online Courses

Since the beginning of her career, Dr. Nehal has created and presented a variety of online courses, including:

  • Eat Clean, Habibi (2018)
  • The Ultimate Ramadan Guide (2018)
  • 6 Weeks to Vibrant Health (2018)
  • 21 Days Healthy Eating Program (2020)
  • Healthy Nutrition Program (2020)
  • Self Love on Almentor.net (2021)
  • Weight Loss Coaching on Almentor.net2021
  • Coffee Lovers on Almentor.net (2022)

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Dr. Nehal worked with +1000 of clients worldwide, and offers group coaching, corporate wellness workshops, online courses, public talks, health and nutrition awareness video content and TV features.
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